Prita Mulyasari : the victims of the truths

Meanwhile fighting for freedom , Prita Mulyasari, mother of 2 childs , who has been the victim of misunderstanding between her and The Private hospital in Alam sutera for writing a complaining email to her friends about her misstreated there, now become a most populer news in local and worldwide. Not only Prita whos has been a suspect of aspersion of that private Hospital, there are several name of allegedly conducted aspersion to the institution in Indonesia. Why on the earth Prita Mulyasari’s case is the most critical issues for internet user nowadays?

Normaly the person who had been misstreated which is they shouldn’t take as their normal treatment , and then tell their experiences to their friends and collegas is the normal way of life, but unfortunately the hospital couldn’t take that as complaining issues, it’s become an aspersion of their institution. The truths is being left behind, they only take that as an insult.

The consumers here is always being ignored by the services, without any further improving. The law itself always put the producer as a winner for the case involved them and the customers.

Without any tends to blame who is behind this case, I can see the rights of speaking through internet is being banned slowly in this country, because we can’t speak freely anymore, and we can’t write any post wether we have proofly evidence. The institute which is written in our post, could not take that as critics for their policy, they were blinded by the money. The justice is death. No more room for customers to complaint.

But finally Prita got her freedom by all the supports from all people around the country, which is not too be late for Prita get deeper on her sorrow. And she wins this case.

source : smart blogger


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  1. memang betul bro….jangan mentang2 lagi diatas bisa menginjak2 yang lemah

  2. Heellahally berkata:

    hi everybody

    just signed up and wanted to say hello while I read through the posts

    hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.

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